Australia have secured their fourth gold medal of this year’s Olympic Games, after beating New Zealand 24-17 in the Women’s Rugby Sevens.

Despite New Zealand being hotly tipped to win gold, Australia dominated the game the longer it progressed, as they won the first Olympic gold for rugby in over a century.

Whilst fast paced free soring has been the name of the game in this tournament, the pressure of the final meant it was an edgier affair in its opening stages; neither team asserted their dominance on one another.

However, Kyla MacAlistair got the ball rolling for NZ after forcing herself over the line in the wake of two Australian backs, Tyla Nathan-Wong failed to add the extra, though.

Nathan then starred in defence making a try saving tackle on top try scorer for Australia Emma Tonegato.

It didn’t keep Tonagato from scoring for long as the winger went in the corner seconds later, despite on the replay looking like a clear knock on, the conversion was missed to keep the scores level.

New Zealand were then struck a hammer blow, when Portia Woodman was sin-binned for a deliberate knock-on, leading to Australia’s second try of the game scored in the corner by Evania Pelite.

Even when NZ went back to seven women, Australia continued to punish Woodman’s error, the pacy Ellia Green scored Australia’s third try after blazing away from the New Zealand line.

More punishment came for the favourites as the second half continued, as Australia steamed in for a fourth try by Charlotte Caslick, making the score 24-5.

The Kiwi’s did get consolations though MacAlistair and Portia Woodman who scored her second of the game, but it came too late for New Zealand to stage any sort of comeback.