Joanne Watmore – 9

A scintillating performance against Canada capped off a superb group stage for the centre who at times has been the heartbeat of this British team going forward.

Emily Scarlet – 8

Two tries against Canada means we finally got to see what the back can do;, her first in particular a full length run down the left side set the tone for the match against Canada.

Abigail Brown – 5

The only British player who has disappointed so far at this tournament. Showed ill-discipline by throwing the ball away (the easiest way to get a yellow at this year’s tournament), apart from that moment has had a quiet tournament so far.

Heather Fisher – 7

Scored the pick of the tries against Japan and has been a rock in defence so far this games, was quieter against Canada coming on as a sub, yet continues to be vital in the ruck.

Claire Allen – 6

Another player who had had a quieter tournament so far, however, has shown versatility in playing across the back line in Team GB’s opening three games.

Alice Richardson – 8

Has only missed one conversion so far this tournament and almost single-handedly opened up Japan’s defence, a superb tournament so far.

Emily Scott – 8

Picked up nine points against Japan and looks to be a viable kicking option should GB encounter any injuries; didn’t feature much against Brazil or Canada.

Jasmin Joyce – 7

Scored a superb try against Brazil, however, has had limited minutes since.

Amy Wilson-Hardy – 8

Scored an amazing full length try against Canada, and made a couple of nice offloads against Brazil, still more to come, however.

Danielle Waterman – 7

Made the assist to Joyce allowing her to score the try of the day against Brazil, however, has had limited minutes since, in the time she had against Canada though she made a try-saving tackle that would have allowed Canada back in the game.

Katie Mclane – 7

England’s first choice kicker has had an average time with the boot so far scoring just two of her six conversion attempts. However, has been much better in open play, made the assist Alice Richardson’s first try against Canada and scored one of her own against Japan.